Airports Near The Grand Canyon: The 6 Best Starting Points to That Wonderful Place!

Grand Canyon airports

There are several airports near the Grand Canyon. The closest commercial one is the Flagstaff airport that’s located about 81 miles from the Grand Canyon South Rim. The driving time needed to reach that destination is around 90 minutes.

The Flagstaff Pulliam Airport

The easiest way to reach the Flagstaff airport is flying US Airways exclusively from the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in Arizona.

Airports Near The Grand Canyon

Airports Near The Grand Canyon: The Phoenix Sky Harbor

This is a popular starting hub for people wanting to get to the Grand Canyon, even though the distance, in this case, is much higher, reaching about 233 miles (to the South Rim). Of course, the driving time is much longer: 3 hours and 40 minutes.

The Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, Nevada

This is the second closest airport to the Grand Canyon but it is also the best option if you want to reach the Western Rim. It is easy to get to Las Vegas from almost anywhere in the world.

In fact, the McCarran is the ninth busiest airport in the United States. You will find a lot of flights from Germany, Canada, the Philippines and many other parts of the world including England.

In terms of ground travel, the airport is approximately 122 miles from the Western Rim which corresponds to a drive of about 2 hours 40 minutes/3 hours.

Airports Near The Grand Canyon: Prescott Ernest A. Love Field

Prescott city lies in Central Arizona and therefore is a logical departure point to the Grand Canyon. The airport is connected with Los Angeles, Denver, and other parts of the United States and is approximately 120 miles from the South Rim for a driving time of little more than 2 hours.

The Sedona Airport

To this airport, there are no commercial flights, only private or charter flights. The distance is about 110 miles from the South Rim for a driving time of 2 hours and 27 minutes.

The Grand Canyon Airport

It is very close to the Grand Canyon but is only served by private flights or charters. It is only 18 minutes drive to the Grand Canyon South Rim. And the miles to go are only 8.


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