Best Private Jet Hands Down? Messi VS. Ronaldo Private Plane – Which One Is the Real #1 Jet?

Which one is the best private jet? It is interesting to have an idea of the private jets that are in possession of very famous and influential people. In the world of soccer the 2 names currently more recognizable are those of Messi and Ronaldo.

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So we have included on this page some videos to describe these planes and give you some advice for the rental or purchase.

Which airplane is the most popular? And which one is more efficient or faster?

Let’s try to summarize what is said in the video for those who prefer to read:

Is Messi’s the Best Private Jet?

Gulfstream G5 Best Private Jet?At first, Lionel had purchased an aircraft from the Brazilian company Embraer, the Legacy 650.

Later he rented a Gulfstream 5 and customized it a lot. It is a very fast jet that can reach the maximum speed of 1100 km per hour (0.88 times the speed of sound) thanks to 2 powerful Rolls-Royce Turbofan engines.

This private jet has a range of 10 thousand kilometers and therefore can reach almost any destination without a stopover.

The Gulfstream 5 has a magnificent interior with large seats, tables and even a shower and bed.

Curious is the number 10 that appears on the tail. Together with other customizations, this makes it one of the most original planes of football players.

The Gulf stream 5 is currently valued at around 8 to 10 million US dollars depending on the year of production. In fact, this started in the late ’90s

This means that Messi’s current jet is most probably more than 20 years old.

Normally, commercial airlines retire their planes after about 10 years of use.

Private planes and cargo planes remain in operation longer, so the rental of a plane of this age by Messi is more than normal, without considering that he owns another one.

Is Ronaldo’s the Best Private Jet?

Gulfstream G650 Private Jet

Ronaldo on the other hand owns one of the largest and expensive private jets in production, the Gulfstream 650 that can carry up to 19 passengers.

This jet is one of the flagship jets of Gulfstream and can fly much faster and farther with its two powerful Rolls-Royce turbofan engines the jet can reach a maximum speed of 0.925 the speed of sound and usually reaches a range of almost 14 000 kilometers without even taking a stop.

For the interiors, this private jet is one of the most luxurious planes of its type flying in the sky. They are truly spectacular with large seating, entertainment systems, beds, toilet, etc.

The sheer attention to detail and the numerous amenities make the interior of the aircraft stunning and vivid. Ronaldo truly has one of the most spectacular jets.

In fact, he owns another jet, the Gulfstream 200, as shown in the second half of the following video:

Inside Both Of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Private Jets

Which One Is The Best Private Jet?

To conclude this comparison between the 2 stars outside the soccer field, while Messi has a stunning and capable jet, Ronaldo’s Gulfstream is faster, bigger, and more modern.

Both players own and fly planes that are worthy of their abilities on the field, but which of the two planes is really better I’ll let you decide…

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