Boeing Business Jet – 21,570 Km Range & 302.5 SQM Cabin [!]

Boeing Business Jet
                                                 The Mighty Boeing Business Jet

The Boeing Business Jet is a quite new BBJ model and it is capable of flying halfway around the world without stopping, further than any other business jet ever built.

It comes in two different models: the BBJ 777-8 and the BBJ 777-9.

The -8 offers the longest radius with 21,570 km and a spacious cabin of 302.5 square meters.

The BBJ 777-9 has a larger cabin measuring 342.7 square meters and offers an ultra-long range of 20,370 km.

The Boeing Business Jet Interior

This model allows almost unlimited interior design options to ensure maximum comfort on long distance journeys.

Boeing Business Jet Interior
                                   Boeing Business Jet – The Gorgeous Interior

The BBJ is a twin-engined long-haul aircraft, that offers an exclusively luxury configuration with between 25 and 50 seats.

Inside you can find, a bedroom, a bathroom with shower, a room for conferences or dinners and a corridor for passengers and rest.

Demonstrating the versatility of the aircraft’s spacious cabin, BBJ has unveiled interior concepts from three leading design brands: Greenpoint Technologies, Jet Aviation and Unique Aircraft Design.

Each concept shows how the BBJ 777X can be transformed to suit the tastes of every VIP customer.

The strength of the private jet Boeing fleet was demonstrated during the air show when Boeing announced that it had recently received another order for the BBJ MAX family – an order from an unidentified customer that brings the total order for the BBJ MAX to 21.

Boeing Business Jet - The Gorgeous Interior
                  Boeing Business Jet – Another Glimpse on the Gorgeous Interior

Based on the best-selling aircraft, the Boeing business jet 737 MAX, the BBJ MAX offers three times more cabin space than most of its competitors, less cabin pressurization and the ability to fly 12,964 km.

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Boeing Business Jet 777X – What’s the Difference? – Video

A very good morning from Boeing Everett Factory here.

We will see the first take off of the Boeing 777X after six years of development of the programme.

So very exciting indeed.

As many of you know the Boeing 777X is the world biggest, the most powerful twin-engine aeroplane ever made.

I’m checking out the beauty of this aeroplane, it’s really long. The longest 777, I think about 2 metre longer than the current 300ER.

As you can see the engine here, this engine GE9X, it sets a world record lately. It generated 134,000 pound of thrust.

That is well above the rated 105,000 pounds of thrust, on the 777X so indeed, is a very powerful engine.

Looking at all the new composite wing here, and this wing is much lighter than the conventional wing, than the metal wing. I think the most integral feature is the folding wingtip.

The folding wingtip cataclysm works like this. At this gate here, the wingtip fold up. So you save a lot of space. It’s the same wing category as the other 777.

So the airport doesn’t have to modify the infrastructure or the gate to fit the new aeroplane, it’s very smart. And when the plane goes out to taxi and take off, the folding wingtip will fold down to produce a longer wing to reduce drag and more efficiency on the lift off.

At 9:10 a.m. I’m standing here at this bar here. It has a little elevated view with the rest of the media all out waiting for the 777s first take-off. As you can see, this January weather in Seattle is not kind. That’s why yesterdays take-off has been postponed to today. 

So I’ve been watching First Flight since I was a kid. The 747-400 I think was my first. I may have seen one before, but I would have been so little I don’t remember.

And then the original 777 and the 787. I was very emotional because we had waited so long for it. And so today is just going to be phenomenal.

Really lookin’ forward to it. It’s in my DNA, my grandfather was a pilot, my dad was a pilot.

– I love you’re scarf.

– Thank you.

– Look at this aviation scarf.

– Every year my mom has an aviation scarf made for me. I’m very proud of it. (helicopter chattering)

– We saw the plane just push back from the delivery centre gates, so he’s waiting to taxi. So the moments coming soon. 

The plane earlier taxied down past us. Now is holding at the end before turning on the runway. Some say it’s just waiting for the weather to improve.

– [Male Voice] So as Sam said, it’s kind of unusual to take-off with a tail-wind, especially when it’s gusting at 26 knots. But this is the track, the aeroplanes right here and so Sam said we’re going to go out Runway 34.

And then as you can see here, it is going to then sharply turn to the northwest and then go out over the ocean.

– Unfortunately as you have seen, the plane has taxied back to the stand. It means it’s not going to happen today due to the gusting wind.

– [John] Right.  

– Bummer, here is my friend, John.
– This is flight ten. – Air current, this is flight ten.
– This is flight ten.
– Everything is very dynamic. (chuckles)
– Exactly, exactly.
– Hopefully we will see you tomorrow?
– Yeah, I hope so.
I actually won’t be here tomorrow.
– Oh.
– Because I won’t be here tomorrow this plane will take-off.
And as long as have a good safety take-off and Boeing needs this boost. So fingers crossed for tomorrow.
So after two days of waiting the 777X under inclement weather with bad wind and rain, the 777X finally took off on Saturday, January 25.
– And here we go.
– Under the command of Captain Van Chaney, at 10 til nine a.m. it took off for the first time in history.
It flew three hour 59 minutes and returned to Boeing Field at 2:00 p.m.
– [Female Voice] And you can hear the crowds cheering for it. Beautiful landing.
– [Male Voice] Beautiful take off, beautiful landing.
– [Host] So what do we know about a 777X so far?
The 777X development programme started in November 2013
during Dubai Airshow.
The CEO at that time has formally announced the go-ahead
of the Programme…

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