Celera 500L: The “Winged Egg” That Will Revolutionize The Private [& Public] Air Transport!

Celera 500LIn this post, we will talk about the Celera 500L which is colorfully referred to as the Winged Egg, a revolutionary aircraft to say the least.

Will This Small Aircraft Be a Real Game Changer?

Perhaps the time has come when private flights will become accessible to the general public. This will be made possible by this small aircraft that will have operating costs reduced by 85% compared to an equivalent private jet.

This innovative plane can carry up to 6 passengers, as well as cargo. It is also presented as an aircraft suitable for military missions (as a drone).

It is a very aerodynamically efficient aircraft, built by Otto Aviation, which advertises it as a private aircraft that allows direct flights between any pair of cities in the United States.

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Celera 500L – The Video

Here’s a great video about this innovative aircraft  from the Skyships Eng Youtube Channel:

The Operating Costs of the Celera

The operating costs? Similar to that of a commercial airliner.

Suffice it to say that the stated operating cost of this “egg with wings” is just $328 per hour. It’s also been called “a private airliner that costs very little…”

And this is quite true if we consider that the operating costs of a classic private jet are around $2100 per hour, almost 7 times more than the Celera 500L.

This translates into the concrete possibility, in the future, to rent a plane at an affordable price for many.

The maximum cruising speed will be about 450 miles per hour (724 km/h) with a range of 4,500 miles (about 8,300 km).

To understand how low the Celera 500L’s operating costs are, let’s also compare fuel consumption with 6 passengers on board:

Common Private Jet: 2.4 miles (4.5 km) per gallon (3.2 kg) of fuel.

Celera 500L: 18-25 miles (33-46 km) per gallon (3.2 kg) of gasoline.

Celera 500L: The Shape & The Engine

Celera 500L Operating CostsWhat makes this aircraft so economical?

One of the reasons for the operating cost savings is definitely its shape, which has 59% less drag than similarly sized but conventionally shaped aircraft.

Another major cost-saving factor is then the engine, an A03 V12 propeller-driven turbocharger from German firm Raikhlin Aircraft Engine Developments.

According to the manufacturers, this is a very efficient engine that can be powered by different types of fuel Jet A1, kerosene, and biodiesel.

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