Cessna Citation M2 – Isn’t This An Outstanding Light Jet? Check Its Specs & You Will See Eye to Eye!

Small Private Jets - Cessna Citation M2
Small Private Jets – Cessna Citation M2

Whether you are looking for a very light jet to boost efficiency for your company travel, expand your charter fleet, or simply maximize your personal time, the Cessna Citation M2 is a great choice.

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Overview of Cessna Citation M2

The M2 fits in as the smallest current member of Cessna’s proven Citation jet series.

With room for six passengers and a useful load of 3,810 lbs, this single-pilot certified jet is ready for corporate, charter, or personal travel.

It’s the ideal step into the benefits of private jet travel for those who do not need the high capacity of larger aircraft. With the dependable name and smooth designs of Cessna, this jet is sure to please.

Cessna Citation M2 Range

The M2 offers a considerable maximum range of 1,550 nm. That is more than enough to make the trip from New York to Dallas or to fly from New York to L.A. with only one fuel stop. It’s the ideal range for fast, luxurious domestic travel.

And with a max cruising speed of just over 400 knots, your trips will be faster than ever.

Cessna Citation M2 cockpit

Cessna Citation M2 Cockpit

Pilots will love the M2’s powerful and easy-to-use digital avionics systems. Touch screens and the GARMIN G3000 system make up the cutting-edge technology offer you’ll find in the M2’s cockpit.

The autopilot system is also simpler and more powerful than ever.

Cessna Citation M2 Interiors

The sleek and comfortable cabin in the M2 delivers exactly the luxury you expect from private jet travel.

Leather interiors are available in four color pallets and your choice of 5-passenger cabin seating (in addition to the two cockpit seats) or a 4-seat configuration with a sleek cabinet for lots of storage.

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Cessna Citation M2 Operating Costs

The costs of the M2 come in at the higher end of similar-sized jets. According to data from Avbuyer.com, the M2, which retails for $3.8 million, will cost you close to $2.50/nm or over $900/hr to fly.

These numbers factor in both fuel and average maintenance costs and do put the more luxurious Cessna in a slightly more expensive range to operate than its competitors.

Citation M2 Jet COLD and DARK Startup (Full Walkthrough)


Cessna Citation M2 Specs

  • Length: 42 ft 7 in

  • Height: 13 ft 11 in

  • Wingspan: 47 ft 3 in

  • Maximum Cruising Speed: 404/ktas

Cessna Citation M2 Single Pilot Flight from Wichita, KS(KICT) to Charleston


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