Citation XLS Plus (Cessna Aircraft Company): Is It Really The #1 Private Jet in 2021?

best private jets - Cessna Citation XL
Probably the Best Private Jet: The Cessna Citation XLS +

Is the Citation XLS Plus the best private jet in the world? I mean, not the most expensive or largest, but that with the best quality-price ratio.

Or, at least, the most wanted/rented private jets.

However, even if you think it’s not the #1, you have to admit that this is still one of the best private planes that exist on the market for hire or purchase. Now consider the reasons why one might want to hire it, for example, for a business trip.

One of the things that distinguish this aircraft model is the technology that is exactly what one would like to have with him to avoid any kind of danger with the flight.

The Proline 21 system

This incredible aircraft is equipped with the Proline 21 piloting system that provides high security during all flight phases.

Citation XLS + proline system

In fact, the pilot has complete knowledge of the weather situation in the cabin along the route he has to follow…

So the pilot will be never caught off guard by any weather events.

He has plenty of time to prepare for any atmospheric complication making the trip a totally safe experience for the passengers.

In fact, the pilot will be immediately made aware of any weather-related issue he will be able to act accordingly to ensure that the journey continues without any kind of problem.

Cessna Citation XLS + Video by Behind the Wings

The cockpit of the Cessna Citation XLS Plus

The cockpit of this aircraft has complete, ultramodern instrumentation and is second to no other aircraft.

The flight system gives the pilot in real-time all useful information such as the distance still to be traveled and other important data.

The pilot has an 8 x 10-inch touch screen, so he can take all the precautions of the safety maneuvers to make the flight extremely safe and comfortable.

Another feature that makes this aircraft superb is the speed of response of the controls. This also clearly means a very high level of safety during navigation.

Even if the weather conditions are bad, the Cessna Citation XLS+ can fly smoothly.

Thanks to its structure, this small aircraft has been specially designed for comfort during long trips.

The aircraft, therefore, enjoys great stability, and safety is also increased by these features.

Cessna Citation XLS can fly with extreme precision because it has reinforced wings and even if the number of passengers is high it does not have to strain too much and therefore create possible dangers this is made by the possibility for passengers to enjoy the trip without realizing that they are almost in flight.

In a word: comfort

Think that this plane has 12 seats but that’s not the only positive aspect…

More important is that there is a large space in the cabin and 12 people can travel in extreme comfort.

Cessna Citation XLS Plus – More Features

This excellent business jet has the ability to operate out of smaller airports while still offering the comfort and amenities of a mid-sized jet.
The cabin is more than 18 feet in length, providing good space and stand-up comfort for 7 to 9 passengers.
It also features a refreshment center and good sized 80 cubic foot baggage compartment which is a really positive benefit compared to some of its competitors
The Citation XLS + has a cruise speed of about 430 knots and a maximum range of 1,800 nautical miles (it depends on the payload – 7 passengers on board).
This business jet can take off from a short 3,500-foot runway. Its great landing performance (under 2,800 feet) is due to the powerful carbon brakes.

Cessna Citation XLS + – Trip Report

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