Empty Legs Flights? You Can Save Up to 75%!

Empty Legs Flights - cheap private jet

Taking advantage of empty legs flights you will have the opportunity to buy a private jet flight with a discount of up to 75% of its real price! Thanks to this idea you will be “flying in style” and experience the luxury of a private jet paying only a small part of the standard price.

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On the page that opens click on “View Empty Legs” under the search bar to immediately check all the flights available today.

empty legs flights monitoringDo you want to be notified regularly in your email about empty legs flights? Click on “Add Empty Leg Monitor” (under the search bar).

You will be asked to enter your empty leg monitor details. If you set both the start date and the end date, you will be notified of all empty legs within the date period specified. If you set only the start date, you will receive all empty legs after the specified date.

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What Are Exactly “Empty Legs Flights”?

The “Empty Legs” generally represent the return of flights booked by some client whose costs are heavily discounted, because the cost of return or positioning of the aircraft has already been paid. Once the itinerary has been completed, the aircraft must return empty to its base airport in order to re-position for the next customer; this is the empty leg…

If your destination coincides with that of an empty leg flight, you can save up to 75% of the usual price.

There is also the possibility of a private jet, for example in New York, being booked to fly from Boston to Denver. Therefore, the charter company must operate an empty leg flight to Boston to pick up passengers and start the flight.

In this case, the journey from New York to Boston is a potential empty leg. Of course, the date and time of departure of this flight depend on the schedule of the original flight reservation (first leg).

Sometimes the client of the empty leg can choose the departure time. This usually happens when the booked flight has to leave early in the morning and the aircraft makes its replacement trip the day before; then it is possible for the empty leg customer to decide on the take-off time.

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Villiers Jets is a private jets network that aggregates 10,000 aircraft in 40,000 locations worldwide with unbeatable prices.

Villiers Jets SMSSo, you will easily and quickly find the empty legs jets available on a particular day. Now you have just to take advantage of the empty legs charter flights:

    • No membership fees: you can rent private jets just by sending an SMS to a dedicated phone number. You don’t need an account number and an agent will work on your booking immediately.
  • Great savings: save up to 75% on empty legs jets renting 
  • 10,000 Private Jets Available: A wide range of private aircraft is available for the Empty Legs Flights
  • Updated information: current Empty Legs are published and regularly updated on Villiers Jets

Earn points every time you fly: you can redeem them against future flights and other exclusive member offers of Villiers Jets

Empty Legs Flights Limitations

You have to know that booking empty legs on private jets is subjected to certain restrictions and limitations compared to standard charter flights.

Firstly, empty legs only cover the outward journey.

Secondly, the availability of these flights is notified at short notice, so diligence is required in finding the best option.

In addition, these flights only cover a limited number of routes, even if they offer great advantages. In fact, they allow you to greatly reduce the costs of a regular private flight.

Empty Legs on Private Jets – Conclusions

The prices of an empty legs flight is usually open to negotiation with the operators. The offers of empty legs jets are ideal for last-minute trips. In short, empty legs or empty sectors provide an excellent way to book private jets and save money.

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