Falcon 6X: The Newest & Most Advanced Biz Jet in 2021/2022 – Keep An Eye Out For This Private Jet

Falcon 6X business jetYou’ve been hearing a lot about Dassault Falcon 6x lately. It is probably the most eagerly awaited business jet ever. Question is:

“Will this ultrawide-body business jet work as advertised?” 

The answer is more than affirmative… Read on to discover the features of this invìcredible Dassault aircraft… 

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What Does Dassault Falcon 6x Do? 

If you’re not familiar with this aircraft, let me quickly explain what experts say about it. This private jet is expressly designed to be a luxurious home & office in the sky! This private jet

“redefines the business jet travel experience with innovations in comfort, safety and technology…”

as we can read on the company website. But will it live up to the expectations? Read on… 

The Innovations of the Falcon 6X Business Jet

 The best part about this private jet is that it is an ultra widebody business jet. This is especially important for people who fly often over long distances.

The cabin is really innovative and is the tallest and widest of all private jets on the market.

falcon 6x cabn

A new category of private jets becomes reality with this aircraft: the ultra body and ultra range private jets.

Of course, that’s not the only good thing about this plane. Here are some other  highlights: 

The gorgeous interior design: this aircraft won the prestigious International Yacht & Aviation Award for interior design.

Falcon 6X Interior

The range of 10,200km (or 5,500 nm). This means that you can fly no-stop from New York to Moscow, or from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

The max speed of Mach 0.9 (516 km; 956 km/h)

The number of passengers: 16!

The overhead skylight immediately provides natural light in the entryway. This is a unique, outstanding feature of the 6x – it allows to have natural light into an area that normally is a little dark on the planes.

The quietness of the cabin (this feature comes from the Falcon 8X) 

Enhanced safety: again, the 6x won the WSO Concerned Company/Corporation Award, Safety, by the World Safety Organization (WSO).

You can see by yourself the great features of this business jet in the following video:

The cost of this outstanding ultra wide-body business jet is $47 million.


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