Dassault Falcon 8X: The Ultimate Ultra Long Range Private Jet

Large Private Jet - Dassault Falcon 8X
Large Private Jet – Dassault Falcon 8X

The Dassault Falcon 8 x is a powerful business jet with a range of 6450 (11 945 km) nautical miles. Its construction began in 2010 at the company’s factory in Biarritz.

the Falcon 8X is in the same category of aircraft as the Gulfstream G550 and the Bombardier Global 6000, the other long-range business jets.

One of its special features is that it is equipped with three engines that increase its speed and safety.

This splendid private jet, designed especially for business men, is derived from the Falcon 7X, which the same company produced in 2007.

On this private jet can fly 8 passengers and 3 crew members. This limitation regards only the maximum distance – on shorter distances the Falcon 8X can carry up to 19 people!

Once the ground tests were completed at the end of 2014, the Falcon 8X made its maiden flight on 6 February 2015. The first aircraft was released to the public in autumn 2016.

Thanks to its great range, this plane can fly non-stop between continents without any problem. It can easily take you from London to Bangkok, from New York to Moscow, from Beijing to Chicago, etc.

The great thing is that, unlike commercial flights, it can also take off and land at smaller airports where other planes of the same class are not allowed.

The combined visibility system called “FalconEye”, allows this superb private plane to fly on approach even with poor visibility.  This feature alone makes this aircraft extremely safe and reliable.

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Flying Dassault Falcon 8X Private Jet from Dubai to Paris – Video


In this video you can see all the great interior features of the Dassault Falcon 8X in a 7 hours flight from Abu Dubai to Paris. Below you can read the transcription for a quick reading…

Flying the Falcon 8X from Dubai to Paris

– [Sam Chui] Hi Guys. Last week I was invited by Dassault Aviation of France to try out their new flagship of their business jets, Dassault Falcon 8X.

Which is a three-engine business jet that can fly faster and further. The design of the Falcon 8X is from the same design house of the famous fighter jets Dassault Mirage and Dassault Rafale.

I absolutely loved the look and design of it. It is so different to the conventional two-engine, T-tail business jet. Not every day I get a chance to fly in a VIP private jet like this.

So I would like to share with you my exciting journey inside a Dassault Falcon 8X in this video on my flight from Abu Dhabi to Paris.

The great thing about flying a private jet is you can have all the flexibility. I arrived at just twenty minutes before the flight and I could even observe the cockpit during the flight.

Let’s enjoy the takeoff first and I will show you more of the cabin feature and service later.

This is what the interior of my Falcon 8X flight looked like. It was configurated with 14 seats across three section of the cabin. I’ll show you later how the interior can be converted into six fully flat beds. The interior is fully customizable.

You can even install a shower in the bathroom. Here you go.

– Yeah, you can move around, just like the same, so we have plenty of space.

– Very cool, I really like this swing

– It’s very smooth.

– There, we have French butter, the best.

This one is my favourite. I’m on a French private jet. Now of course, we’re gonna have the French croissant, right? Hopefully the French croissant tasted better on the Dassault Falcon.

– Bon appetite.

– I’m really impressed about the croissant.

The croissant came straight from Abu Dhabi, but we’ve got a Frenchman’s approval here. He also enjoyed a croissant,

– It’s a real one.

– Really good croissant.

After breakfast, I started to feel more relaxed on board. I enjoyed looking out the window while we fly over the snow-capped landscape of the Northwest part of Iran and Northern Turkey on our way to Paris.

The Falcon 8X have a much lower cabin altitude during the flight, at just about 4000 feet. I definitely felt better on board, and less jetlagged after arrival.

It is also worthwhile to mention the noise level is surprisingly low on the Falcon 8X.

– [Captain] Bonjour.

– [Sam] Could you give us some flight information? How long was our flight from Abu Dhabi to Paris?

– [Captain] The flight is going to be six hours and fifty-five minutes.

– [Sam] Oh, so it’s quite a long flight today.

– [Captain] Yes.

– [Sam] And what’s our cruising speed?

– [Captain] We are cruising at point eight five in term of Mach, and that means indicative airspeed at 260 knots.

– [Sam] 260 knots. Right now it’s doing Mach 85.

– [Captain] That’s correct.

– [Sam] But this aeroplane can go to Mach 90, right?

– [Captain] That’s correct.

– [Sam] And now we’re at 40,000 feet. Man, this is beautiful. Look at his screen, it’s fully colour and digital. So Captain, how much fuel do we have loaded on board?

– [Captain] We have about 25,000 pound.

– [Sam] 25,000 pound.

– [Captain] Yes.

– [Sam] I can see on the play screen here.

– [Captain] You can look at the three banks.

– [Sam] And how much fuel will you think this flight will take?

– [Captain] We are going to burn 19,000 pounds.

– [Sam] 19,000 pounds. So we have some 8,000 pound remaining?

– [Captain] 6,000 pound remaining on arrival.

– [Sam] 6,000 on arrival. And what will be the final cruising altitude on our flight?

– [Captain] It will be 43,000 feet at the moment, just to optimise the time of the flight.

– [Sam] 43,000 feet. I was told earlier this airplane’s capable to cruise at flight level five one zero.

– [Captain] That’s correct.

– [Sam] I see. And just for our information, we just left Iran’s controlled airspace, we’re in Turkey, northeast side of Turkey near the city of Van.

– [Captain] That’s correct.

– [Sam] Well, thank you very much, Captain.

– [Captain] Welcome.

– [Sam] This is Catherine. Catherine looks after me on this private jet.

– [Catherine] Good morning.

– [Catherine] So Sam, welcome in our Falcon 8X. So this is the crew rest area, and now I will show you that we can transform it in a very comfortable, flat crew beds.

– [Sam] Okay, you’re going to convert it into a flat bed in the crew rest area.

– [Catherine] Yes, very comfortable.

– [Sam] Excellent, okay, waiting. It’s a very long bed. Okay, see you guys. It’s so beautiful, guys.

This is why I love aviation, it’s just the views under 43,000 feet is so inspiring. It make you fall in love with the romance of aviation. This is one of the reasons I really really love the Falcon and flying.

And I’m at home, almost like, I turned into my slippers, pyjamas, my usual clothes, I just felt so comfortable on the flight. This is the advantage of a private jet.

Oh, it can go the other way around. Oh, it can come down. Wow. So it can go like, ah, a person can sleep.

– [Sam] Ah, the table can come out. Wow, lots of hidden features here.

– [Dassault Representative] Yeah, you can have 5 people on this.

– [Sam] Oh, we can have people sitting here and also can enjoy the dining together.

What they have done is to convert two double sofas you’ve seen earlier, into a gigantic,

this is probably bigger than a king size bed. And luxuriously decked out. I’m gonna try out my bed here, and there’s a door here you can fully close.

Well guys, this is it, this is the epitome, the luxury on the private jet like 8X. I have a huge bed here, and it’s converted from the double sofas in the rear cabin.

They can convert it to a huge king-size bed. Or even bigger than a king size. So I’m just gonna lay on my bed and have a little nap before lunch is served later on. Before landing in to Paris.

Hello, guys, guess what I’m doing?

I’m doing yoga on the flight to avoid the DVT, you should exercise in your flight,

no matter if it’s a private jet or a commercial flight. So, namaste.

– [Sam] Oh, poulet. Beautiful.

– [Dassault Representative] You speak French, huh?

– [Sam] (laughing)

– [Dassault Representative] He says just one sentence, but he speaks French.

– [Sam] If I remember.

Because it’s French, and you have beautiful multi-plates cuisine, and to top off with the lunch we have beautiful macaroon here, let’s see.

And also we have chocolate and a variety of cakes and dessert to go with, so. This makes flying the private jet experience complete.

Well guys, here I am, Paris Le Bourget, after six hours and 40 minutes, with the beautiful Falcon 8X. Let me tell you, I think this is the private jet to have, because it not only has two engines, it has three engines and it has such a quiet cabin.

I mean, I enjoyed a lot of it, because there’s just lots of good moments. I was so into aviation, I was looking out the window, and I was totally immersed myself into that experience. Welcome to Paris!

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