Flying Cars? Will They Become a New Reality In 2023?

flying cars

Science fiction has teased the idea of flying cars for decades but in the real world they’ve been nothing more than a concept…

That’s beginning to change as companies around the world begin to look at making personal air travel feasible.

So, who’s working on making science fiction a reality? Let’s take a look:


Of all the VTOL (Vertical Take-Off)  taxi projects Uber’s is the biggest so far.

The company targets 2023 as the year its services will first become commercially available but we could see the first Uber air taxis as soon as next year!

Uber’s had its eyes on air travel as early as 2016 and last year it committed to offering the first tests in Dallas

Los Angeles and Dubai in 2020 the planned crafts look kind of like a
modern miniaturized version of a turboprop plane but with a key
difference they will take off and land from massive sky ports placed throughout the cities they serve.

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