G5 Jet Review 2021 – The First Ultra Long Range Aircraft

g5 jet

The First Ultra Long Range Private JET

The G5 jet was first built by Gulf Stream Aerospace in 1998. It’s one of the first jets to hold the title, “ultra-long-range aircraft” with an enormous 5800 nautical miles.  That was unheard of at the time, it outperformed most wide-body airliners and cruisers at Mach .85.

Even today, it’s only been beaten by a handful of aircraft when it comes to speed. The Gulfstream G5 jet has many upgrades and improvements from Gulfstream’s original jet.  The G5 jet is the workhorse of private charter, it’s one of the most popular private jets.

The GV employs more engines, capable of longer leg trips, is sporting a completely redesigned wing, and appears to be longer. It competes well for flight charter services because it’s high-performing and reliable.

The massive design and performance of the G5 jet is dedicated to the fastest flight possible, it provides a completely personalized and uniquely comfortable interior. Gulfstream Aerospace steadily creates aircraft for traveler’s evolving aspirations. Passengers can maximize their travel time with an optimal balance of speed, comfort, and maneuverability.

Chartering a jet has never been better

g5 private jet interiorThe standup cabin is usually partitioned into three separate areas, is 6.1 ft. high and 50.1 ft. long.

The cabin is 1669 ft.³ and usually seats between 15 to 19 passengers.

Of course, the cabin has the standard amenities, a full-sized galley, ready for you to prepare hot or cold foods, there’s a sink with running water, work tables that fold right out with power outlets for your office equipment.

There are separate crew and passenger lavatories.

Noise levels are extremely low in the cabin.

The external baggage compartment holds up to 2500 pounds, but there are actually 226 ft. of space inside it.

As for upgrades, there are phones for each seat, a satellite TV with multi-screen entertainment systems.

Fantastic Comfort for Productivity…

In the Gulfstream GV cabin, you’ll have exceptional comfort mixed with productivity.

The Private Aircraft offers three temperature zones, 12-floor plan configurations, up to four living areas, and can seat up to 19 passengers.

From the Gulfstream G5, evolved two important aircraft, the Gulfstream G550 and then the Gulfstream G500.

The G550 increased range capabilities to a major 6800 nautical miles, then a new one was built, the G500, which had the same range.

However, the G500 had updated avionics, so hundreds more G5’s were created. This helped to make this aircraft a major successful jet.

Gulfstream G500 vs. Gulfstream G5 (Gulfstream V)

The Gulfstream G5 was a groundbreaking business jet when it was introduced in the 1990s, offering intercontinental range and state-of-the-art technology for its time. However, the Gulfstream G500 has significantly advanced features and performance in comparison.

  1. Performance: The G500 has a maximum range of 5,200 nautical miles, which is an improvement over the G5’s range of 6,500 nautical miles. The G500 also has a top speed of Mach 0.925, compared to the G5’s top speed of Mach 0.885.
  2. Avionics: The G500 features the advanced Symmetry Flight Deck™, which includes active control sidesticks, touchscreen controllers, and a Heads-Up Display (HUD). In comparison, the G5 utilizes the older PlaneView™ avionics suite.
  3. Cabin: The G500 boasts a larger and more comfortable cabin than the G5, with a length of over 41 feet and a width of 7 feet. The G500’s cabin also features customizable seating configurations, quiet acoustics, and large windows for a more enjoyable flight experience.

G5 Jet Sale Price

The G600 sells for a whopping $57.9 million, while the G500 sells for $43.5 million. 

You could just go out and buy one or even better, charter it and stretch some truth with your friends.

G5 Jet Rental Price

“How much is it to rent a G5 jet?”, you’re probably wondering. Well, generally this ultra-long-range aircraft can be chartered for $9016-$12,968 per hour. Well worth the price that you get from this jet. In fact, even if this price may seem excessive, it must be kept in mind that the Gulfstream 500 is an airplane equipped with sophisticated technology that can fly up to 6500 miles non-stop.

If we then consider that it can carry up to 14 passengers, we can say that the rental price of the G5 jet can be reduced to the figure of $644/926 per hour per person.

The G5 Jet Features

The jet is powered by 2 BMW/Rolls-Royce BR 710–48 engines, that are flat rated to 14,750 pounds of thrust each.

Tg5 jet engineshey are reliable and fuel-efficient. Engine functions are controlled automatically by dual-channel FADEC, Full Authority Digital Engine Controls.

The GV takes off in 9150 ft., performs at sea level at 6110 ft. at an altitude of 5000 ft.

It climbs directly to an altitude of 37,000 ft. in just 18 minutes, then continues to 43,000 ft. for a high-speed cruise of 488 knots.

A computerized pressurization system automatically regulates the cabin pressure. With the new semi supercritical wing, there’s a fuel capacity of 41,000 to 12,000 pounds. The Bombardier gives better runway performance and a softer ride.

The smaller business jet is used by some very influential celebrities, it’s also a major choice of the United States Military. Gulfstream’s G5 jet gives pilots Honeywell’s Primus 440/660/880 weather radar systems.

It’s lightweight configuration gives an integrated receiver-transmitter and antenna to help pilot awareness and avoid bad weather conditions.

Combined with the Mark V-A enhanced ground proximity system, delivers increased memory and a faster processor. Also, the standard on Gulfstream’s GV is Honeywell’s LASEREF IV inertial reference system.

It utilizes an all-digital ring laser gyro-based inertial reference system that provides ARINC429 and aircraft standard communications bus digital outputs. In order to streamline data transferring, it uses a self-synchronizing data bus protocol.

Gulfstream G550 Business Jet Cabin Interior

An Unparalleled Ultra Long Range Private JET

The Gulfstream 5 private jet can complete worldwide trips that totally exceed the capabilities of any other corporate jet.  It’s recognized for being the most comfortable, safe, reliable, high-performance, ultra-long-range business aircraft in the entire world. The G5 jet can reach any destination in record time. It offers unprecedented comfort and unparalleled performance even at 51,000 ft.

Pros & Cons of Private Jet Renting

Chartered flights usually occur outside the normal schedules of major US carriers.

The seats can be sold through a tour operator or individually through a charter company.

An entire plane can be chartered for an individual or a group.

These flights are regulated for safety by the FAA, Federal Aviation Administration.

There are pros and cons to chartered flights.

Pros of Chartered Flights

Prices : Chartered flights are usually cheaper than commercial flights.

Flexibility: There aren’t stringent restrictions for chartered flights like there are with commercial flights. Such as: advance purchase or minimum/maximum stay requirements.

Less hassle: Charter flights are typically direct.

A Charter Flight Will Surely Accept Your Pets: Your pets are welcome on a charter flight and not in with the luggage. According to FAA regulations, pets under 150 pounds can occupy a seat, but pets over 150 pounds must ride on the floor. On commercial flights, if your pet is over 15 pounds or taller than 12”, it’ll have to ride in cargo. It doesn’t matter the size if there’s more than one pet, they go to cargo.

In summer, if the temperature is over 84°, or winter, temperature is under 45°, airlines won’t accept pets in cargo. Depending on the breed, some airlines won’t accept pets in cargo because of possible breathing problems. These pets are bulldogs, pugs or shih t’zus.

Clarity of prices: Charter fares aren’t subject to commercial fare-class distinctions. Close to departure, charters usually discount unsold seats.

Cons of Chartered Flights

Cancellations: Since some charters have unpressurized planes, inclement weather conditions can cause cancellations. Also, charter companies can cancel flights within 10 days of departure if the flight isn’t sufficiently filled.

Crowded planes: Usually, charter companies try to fill planes to capacity, so it’s unlikely that the seat beside you will be vacant.

Delays: Fares and schedules are subject to change until the departure date. Flights can be delayed up to 48 hours with no refund.

Refund policy: There are strict cancellation policies with charters. Passengers usually pay a cancellation penalty and are possibly not entitled to a refund. For a small penalty fee, some charters will allow a substitute passenger to fly in place of the ticketed passenger. A passenger isn’t entitled to simply take the next flight if he misses the original flight. Most charter companies have a use it or lose it policy.

When you are looking to charter a private jet, the cost might sound outrageous. You must look at the cost that the owner is having to put out themselves. Of course, he can’t just charge everyone what it costs him or he wouldn’t make any money and that would be bad business. He’s already spent close to $10 million to own the plane.

The costs are complex, so we’ll break them down. Direct operating costs of the aircraft would be fuel, maintenance, wear, and tear.

Flight time is figured by the number of flight hours and the hourly rate of the aircraft.

Pilot and Crew fees are per diem payment plus meals, hotel fees, etc. G5 jet pilots aren’t newbies for sure and they are certainly not cheap. Most pilots bring their own crew to cater to the entire plane.

Airport fees vary by type of plane, airport, and other details.

Fuel varies depending on the distance flown, type of plane, and cost of fuel.

Reasons To Fly On Private Jets Like The G5 Jet…

G5 Jet Efficiency

You might not even realize how much time you spend in the airport lines. You’ve got security, waiting to board, and the long wait for luggage. Kiss the days of looking like O.J. Simpson in airports goodbye. Also, private jets can land at around 5000 airports, as compared to 550 commercial airports.

The flexibility of G5 Jet

FINALLY, Someone waits for the late folks! With charter flights, you are in control of what time you desire to do anything and where.

G5 Jet Comfort

The days of not having any room for the whole flight are over. There’s room to actually move around in a charter. You can forget the taste of those peanuts on a commercial flight, you have catering. No more lost luggage! Carry your entire luggage on board.

Privacy on the G5 Jet

No more whispering. You are free to speak aloud. There’s no worry about compromising sensitive information. If you are famous, you don’t worry about who will see you on the plane.

G5 Jet Safety

Good private jet pilots are selected with impeccable safety records.

For many air travelers, their dream is to be able to fly by private jet and skip the general terminal. There are no security lines to pass, plus you get a plane all to yourself, why wouldn’t you love it?

Check on charter prices, they might be cheaper than you think. You might not earn frequent flyer miles, but you can ride in comfort on a Gulfstream G5 jet.

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