Gulfstream Jet Models: The Top 4 Heavy Business Jets (& the New G700!)

Gulfstream jet G650

The Gulfstream jet G650 (Global Jet Austria)

Nowadays private jets are becoming more and more widespread all over the world both in terms of economic and media considerations, for the latest especially in articles about famous people who own one of these luxury aircraft.

In some cases, however, it’s possible to fly on a private jet (rented!) even for those who are not very rich but have special needs related to business, health, and safety.

Renting a private plane often presents higher costs than buying a ticket on commercial flights, but there are some tricks that make these costs affordable for everyone, such as sharing the rentals with friends and relatives, jet sharing, and empty legs flights.

One of the most famous companies that produce private jets is Gulfstream Eurospace, a company that for more than 60 years has been producing high-level private aircraft of superb quality.

In this post, we will go to describe the main private jet models produced by this company, both for business and other types of travel.

What should you look for when renting or buying a business jet? 

Let’s now see in detail the latest Gulfstream private and business jet models, what are their features, and who may be interested in buying or chartering them.

The classic business jet is a small, lightweight jet. Obviously, it is built with the latest materials and state-of-the-art technology.

Normally they are rented or purchased by businessmen often in groups or by famous people to make fast and stress-free trips.

Travels like this are impossible, and we all know it, with commercial flights point to point.

Of course, there are also other important uses of private jets such as medical flights, (click here for air ambulance immediate renting!) the rescue and evacuation of people in danger, and the delivery of any sensitive and important goods.

Large jets of this type are also used by armies, governments, and state companies for various operations, including public order and security.

Gulfstream Jet Engines

The Gulfstream produces mainly turbofan engine aircraft: these aircraft have a jet engine that has two distinct air flows

turbofan engine aircraftThe turbofan is a type of jet engine that, unlike a normal turbojet engine, uses two separate air flows:

The first flow, called hot flow, crosses all the engine stages, that is: the air intake, which has the function of routing the flow generating a first air compression slowing it down.

In the following stages, the fan (one or more stages), the compressor, the combustion chamber, the turbine (one or more stages), and the exhaust nozzle, where all the propulsion is exercised.

The second cold flow goes through only the fan and nozzle, in the case of associated flow turbofan, or the fan only in the case of separate flow turbofan.

This is a technology that is mainly used in the most recent jets because it allows to consume less and to obtain considerable cruising speeds.

Gulfstream has produced in its history many types of aircraft ranging from large business planes to medium-sized aircraft.

The company satisfies practically all its customers’ needs with this range of private jets.

When the Gulfstream Jet Company was born

This now-famous private jet company was founded in the late fifties in New York where it firstly produced military aircraft.

Little by little it began to produce small but innovative business jets with turboprop engines. The first Gulfstream jet had a (now unknown) name “Grunman Gulfstream I”.


This private aircraft reached a speed of 560 kmph and reached a height of 7000 meters and more. It could carry up to 12 passengers.

It was the first success that prompted the Gulfstream to produce many more business jets more and more equipped and developed.

One of these was Gulfstream jet named “Grunman Gulfstream II”.

Then it was then the turn of the “Grunman Gulfstream IlI, for the time a truly incredible aircraft that had a range and speed then exceptional.

Subsequently, many planes of the same series were produced arriving at the “Grunman Gulfstream V” that could reach destinations very far away from departure.

In the new millennium, the company achieved enormous success and expanded on a global scale by opening factories all over the world.

It has introduced new higher performance aircraft with great comfort and modern technology and this has also earned the company many awards and recognitions worldwide.

We now list the most important aircraft that the Gulfstream jet company still produces in its 9 production and service centers located everywhere in the world.

Which are the Gulfstream’s most famous and important business planes?

Gulfstream Jet G280 

Gulfstream jet G280

This is definitely a quality aircraft that can carry from 4 to 10 passengers on very wide routes and with very high speed.

It represents a refinement compared to the G250 which already had excellent performance This jet has been replaced a bit at a time by the G280 which was produced by Israel.

The G280 is a mid-size jet with two turbofan engines that allow good flight autonomy.

It is able to reach destinations up to 3600 km from the departure airport.

This private plane also develops a fair speed, but the thing that makes it interesting is the consumption which is lower than any other type of aircraft in its class.

The interior of the plane is comfortable and during the flight pure air is artificially injected. The cabin is pressurized and breathable even during low altitude flight.

In this way the trip will go smoothly as the oil, the passenger will hardly notice they are flying and will arrive at the destination in a time that seems minimal and in the best physical condition possible.

Passenger seats can be adjusted as desired in the G280 cabin.

Everything on board can be controlled very easily by the passenger through a simple iPod touch located in the cabin or from a smartphone, through a dedicated application. Thus the passenger can control the temperature, the high definition monitor, the DVD/Blu-ray player, and the lights.

Of course, a very fast internet connection and the use of a satellite phone are also always available.

You can track the progress of your flight at any time on this great Gulfstream jet.

From the exterior point of view, the G280 has a very small size: a length of about 20 meters and a height of 6.50.

The weight has also been contained in 11,000 kg and therefore we can speak of an aircraft with low consumption and great maneuverability.

Gulfstream Jet G280 Video – A Close Look

The Gulfstream Jet G450 

This private jet can reach destinations far away from departure as it is a long-range jet, a little smaller than the G550.

It is very fast: it can fly, for example, between London and Boston in less time than very large business jets.


The Gulfstream Jet G450 – Picture by Anna Zvereva from Tallinn, Estonia

In the very large cabin, as many as 14 passengers can take seats and the flight on this plane is always comfortable even at the high speeds it can reach.

Onboard there are three separate lounges and a kitchen that can offer gourmet meals during the trip. This is really a luxury plane that allows you to make an absolutely VIP travel.

The top speed of the Gulfstream jet G450 is Mach 0.88 (1087 kph), the cruising speed is Mach 0.80 (988 kph). At this speed, it can carry 8 passengers up to 4,350 nautical miles (8,056 km).

Like the other Gulfstream business jets, the G450 is equipped with the Enhanced Vision System that makes flying extremely safe, as it makes the pilots’ work easier by giving them a very clear view of the runway and the take-off or landing environment.

This is possible even in bad weather conditions (for more information about this system read the G550 description below and watch the related video).

The Gulfstream Jet G550

This is one of the most advanced business jet models for the Gulfstream company: it is one of the first aircraft (like the G450 above) that has a synthetic vision system, i.e. a computer-mediated reality system for aerial vehicles, that uses 3D to provide pilots with clear and intuitive means of understanding their flying environment.

In the video below you can see this system in action:

This superb business jet is used worldwide for several purposes, both military, civil, and government. The G550 often carries important statesmen and politicians around the world.

It is a large jet as it can safely carry up to 19 passengers.

The aircraft is equipped with a powerful turbo-charged rolls-Royce fan engine that provides great flight range and excellent durability.

The G550 can fly continuously for more than 12 hours with an average speed of Mach 0.80, covering a maximum distance of 6750 nautical miles (12.501 km).

Even in this private plane, the cabin is very comfortable, quiet, and pressurized even when the plane flies low.

As with the Gulfstream G280, fresh air is released inside and there are modern sound suppression techniques.

Gulfstream jet G550

The oval windows reflect natural light and are specially designed to make the interior very bright.

These features make the flight extremely pleasant for passengers who can work and/or relax during the entire trip.

The interior of this amazing aircraft has an extremely refined design and can be modified at will.

Being primarily a business jet, the G550 is equipped with a work area with fast Internet connections, satellite phone, and printer and fax.

As far as safety is concerned, this aircraft is equipped with a very advanced technology that allows pilots to have everything under control even with poor visibility.

Thanks to this, passengers will not even notice that they have made a flight, when it happens, in sub-optimal weather conditions.

Gulfstream Jet G550 Video – A Trip Report from White Plains (HPN) to St. Maarten (SXM)

The Gulfstream Jet G650

This is another of the large aircraft produced by Gulfstream.

It reaches a top Mach speed of 0.925 (1133.166kph) and is also used as the G550 by politicians and other important people internationally.

The fact that this Gulfstream jet can reach distant destinations without stopping over contributes to this. The G650 can in fact cover a maximum distance of 7,000 nmi / 12,964 km.

Here are the features that make this Gulfstream jet exceptional:

  • Ease of control and high-speed piloting

  • Even more advanced cab than previous models

  • As the G550 is a large aircraft carries up to 19 passengers is the maximum distance it can cover and 7000 nautical miles

The amazing thing is that it can do this at incredible speeds and seamlessly.

gulfstream jet G650This way people who use this Gulfstream jet save a lot of time and can devote it to activities that are important for their business.

This unique private jet also offers considerable connection possibilities during the trip:

  • Various possibilities to use the internet
  • Two satellite communication systems
  • Printing Services
  • Connection to the wireless local area network

Onboard there are also video and audio equipment and an application can be downloaded to the phone that allows you to manage all the features of the aircraft as in previous models.

Lights, temperature, monitors, and various entertainment options can be easily controlled by the passenger.

There is an enhanced version of the G650 that has been called G650ER

This newer Gulfstream jet has practically the same features as the previous one but only more advanced: for example, it can fly 7,500 nautical miles (13,900 km).

The maximum speed it can develop is 0.85 Mach (1049.58 kmph).

The Gulfstream Jet G700

Coming soon /review)! In the meanwhile check the Wikipedia page about this latest Gulfstream jet. And watch the following video to learn more about this outstanding Gulfstream jet:

The Gulfstream Models – Conclusions

As you can understand from what has been said so far, the Gulfstream jet company is one of the best companies in the world but also one of the oldest, one of those that has a past of important innovations in the world of private aircraft.

The present is equally important as the company continues to evolve and invent the new types of private aircraft that are among the most sought-after and performing aircraft in the world.

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