HondaJet 2600 – Will It Become A Reality In The Near Future? Keep An Eye On This New Awesome Light Jet!

HondaJet 2600
 Image of from the presentation of the HondaJet 2600 at NBAA Convention in Las Vegas

In this post, we are going to present an absolute novelty in the field of private jets: The Honda Jet 2600, a fantastic light jet that exceeds all others of the same class.

This innovative aircraft has been presented recently at the NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) Business Convention and Exhibition in las Vegas

After many years Honda has planned to build a new aircraft that is expected to be epoch-making. But what are the characteristics of this aircraft that make them make such claims?

Is it possible that, in 2021, someone will be able to overcome the competition by far within the same class of private jets? Well, that’s what Honda claims to have done and now we are going to check it. As already said we are talking about a light jet and then we will make the comparison with any other already in the same class.

Honda Jet 2600 Range

Usually, a light jet does not reach transcontinental distances, i.e. it cannot fly from one part to another of the United States or for example from China to Turkey.

Usually, the maximum distance that a light jet can reach is around 1800 nautical miles, as you can check by clicking here. This is the equivalent of about 3333 km or 2071 miles.

Well, now just think that the Honda Jet reaches 2800 nautical miles, which in kilometers means, imagine that, around 5371 km!

For sure, this will be the first light jet that will be able to fly from one part to the other of the United States, for example from New York Los Angeles no stop.

Other examples of such non-stop transcontinental flights that this aircraft will be able to make are London-Cairo and Tokyo-Bangkok.

The Maximum Speed of This Honda Aircraft

Also, the speed of this light jet will be considerable: we are talking about 450 knots (830 km). Only the fastest jets of the same class can reach this speed… Even the maximum altitude is record-breaking we are talking about 47 thousand feet.

HondaJet 2600 – The Cabin

Hondajet 2600 cabin

The cabin will be very comfortable and really suitable for very long flights. Up to 11 passengers will be seated in a customized interior designed in an extremely rational and ergonomic way.

The space available for the occupants will also be out of the ordinary since the cabin measures 62.5 inches high from the dropped aisle to the ceiling, and 61 inches wide.

It should also be noted that the vibrations that unfortunately often characterize light jets will be eliminated by this exceptional aircraft.

In addition, the HondaJet 2600 cabin will offer the best pressurization among light jets, with a cabin altitude of 6,363 ft. at its maximum cruising altitude of 47,000 ft.

Environmental benefits of the Honda 2600

It has been calculated that the HondaJet 2600 has reduced carbon emissions by 20% compared to jets in the same category.

But the remarkable thing is that this lightweight jet would save as much as 40% fuel compared to midsize airplanes while having virtually the same performance. So, imagine the environmental benefits if lots of travelers used this small jet instead of their midsize behemoths.

The timing of the construction release to the public of this jet will be relatively short, if we consider the industry we are talking about the first test flights in 2023 and the delivery of this innovative private plane in 2026.

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The Video of the Presentation Held at the NBAA Convention

First of all, we, at PrivateJet.Blog, want to thank Honda Aircraft Company for this incredible light jet. You can learn much more about it by clicking on this link.

The Honda Jet 2600 program has started in 1997. It introduces an entirely new business jet concept, that uses new technology like the Over-the-Wing Engine Mount to create a more comfortable, efficient, capable aircraft, without any compromises.

The HondaJet set a category unto itself by taking advantage of all the benefits of the very light jet class and offered a new kind of value that attracted a new kind of customer.

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