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So we’re standing outside the Learjet 75 Liberty which is two generations on from the original private jet. So one of the things about this particular aircraft is its very dark grey paint job and that’s quite unique.

Really you can pretty much add any color you want in a private jet as long as it’s white.

One of the things that marks out the Learjet is a sort of stabilizer fins on underneath the aircraft at the back and those are on the original Learjet 23 back in 1964.

So the Learjet 75 has twin Honeywell engines and that can propel it up to 465 knots. We’ve got this lovely cantilevered winglet sort of swept back design integrated into the wing and I just think that looks pretty sexy…

What it actually does is increase the efficiency of the aircraft so over the previous Learjet 45 model and that just means you’re burning less fuel, causing less turbulence maybe a smoother ride as well.

So this particular jet was only delivered last year, so it’s a very nude private jets only been around for less than a year.

It’s got some lovely features on the interior, like quilted leather seats, mood lighting which you can control from your seats, and a champagne bar up at the front.

There’s the two Club configurations that’s four seats facing each other in the front four seats facing each other in the back and you can do all the standard stuff on the seat you know: move your seat forward and back, recline quite far, and also move up your armrest which is nicely integrated into the seat.

Lavatory in the back which can also double as an extra seat for a passenger which is actually fine probably nicer than most people’s departments.

You’ve also got in here the usual sort of technology here on the fold-out table nicely polished and then rather uniquely for a private jet you’ve got a pop out sort of multimedia service here.

So not many private jets have this every single seat on the aircraft, eight of them, have a sort of multimedia setup here where you can control lighting.

I can turn on my table light and my reading lights, I can see where the aircraft is in the world, so we’re just at Biggin Hill just south of London.

I can also watch a movie if I wanted to see if I’ve got a media server here so I can watch lots of in-flight movies. I can change my volume, I can set the audio up in the aircraft on any seats.

That’s rather unique. Most private jets don’t bother with some in-flight entertainment, most passengers today bring their iPads or their reading books or something else like that so this is a really really nicely equipped private jet.

So we’ve booked this particular Lear jet through Strata Jet and the company has taken us out to Majorca to see what it can do.

So the idea is that Zenith, the operators of this aircraft, have an agreement with Strata Jet to allow people to get instant quotes on how much that plane might cost.

And that’s incredibly innovative and that’s a completely new in the last couple of years.

Learjet 75
                                              The Learjet 75

Interview about Learjet 75 with Johnny Nicol, Founder & CEO, StrataJet.com

Conrad Quilty-Harper: And a little bit about about yourself and about Strata Jet

Johnny Nichol: Sure I’m Johnny Nichol ,I’m the founder of Strata Jet. we’re down in Palma, we just came out here for 24 hours so I could try and demonstrate what the benefits of private aviation are and why it shouldn’t be seen purely as a enormous piece of luxury but actually a very efficient way of travelling.

CQH: We’ve come down for a nice luxurious couple of days…

JN: We really have a way and also an unofficial experiment to see how sunburnt I can get… Ahaha..

Learjet 75

CQH: The weave you told me about how you’ve built your business and you’ve had to meet hundreds of private jet operators is that right

JN: Yeah, I think the figures are now 330, probably just operators in two continents, say the whole of Europe and the US as well I think we’re about six times bigger than British Airways in terms of number of aircraft…

It was also critical that it was an industry which really hadn’t moved forward in a hundred years since the dawn of aviation and my vision for it was to make it accessible.

You know the the entire idea of private flying is about freedom, it’s about saving time, it’s about experiencing travel without feeling like you’ve traveled and it’s really traditionally only being experienced by a very small number of people.

It’s been a bit like a private member’s Club that’s very hard to actually gain get a quote for a private jet so I wanted to to open that up make it so that anybody could as easily as going onto an app.

I also wanted to increase the efficiency – there were two pillars Strata Jets is built on:

The first one is the ability to just immediately get a quote for a private jet and book it there and then of you wanting and

The second one it was to try and decrease the inefficiency so 40% of all flights had no passengers onboard now we don’t sell seats but what we can do is find an aircraft that’s due to fly empty and if it’s going in roughly the same direction as a the customer wants to go we can offer the customer a hugely reduced price.

If I were just checking the app and we found we could get everybody back to London from here for about half the price and that was ‘causes as an aircraft going in from Madrid back to London and by coming over here picking us up and taking us back were able to offer a big discount when you start to put groups of people together that can really start to make financial sense.

CQH: Tell me about the flight today on the Learjet 75 down to Majorca…

JN: Yeah and we flew pretty much straight down at flight level it’s like 42,000 feet or flight level four two zero as pilots sort of say, but yeah that was higher than most commercial air traffic so we just came pretty much straight here to our flights half an hour to the hotel and we were having lunch.

CQH: And you have roughly how much that flight cost per passenger

JN: But we can easily check it out on the app, but my rough guess would be around 750 pounds per person and that was for a fresh charter there’s no empty leg like that.

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