Luxury Private Jets – 5 Really Astounding Aircrafts for Magnificent Travels

luxury private jets

Can you imagine how it is to fly with luxury private jets?

Flying with a private rental plane means traveling with a dedicated aircraft, in total comfort, avoiding long waits at check-ins and taking advantage of a personalized service.

So here’s, probably, your question:

“Is it really possible to fly in a private jet even if you don’t have one?”

And the answer we can safely give:

“Absolutely yes!”

Flying with a private plane has become common for many people.

Business men, entrepreneurs, but not only: chartering a private jet has become extremely simple and fast.

The customer has to do is define the flight schedule by requesting an online quote, evaluate the costs, conclude the transaction and leave!

It is a custom-tailored service, and will give the best experience ever to the passenger. All details of the flight are managed with dedication in order to guarantee the best final result and leave the customer satisfied.

What are the distinctive signs of luxury private jets?

There are many different types of private jets but you’re better to check is their quality, i.e.

  • Quality of the pre and post flight service
  • Interior quality and attention to detail
  • Flight quality
  • Catering service & quality

However there are some private luxury jets that will that will amaze you!

5 (Almost) Unbelievable Luxury Private Jets

There are many peculiar aircrafts on the market nowadays: the choice for renting or buying luxury private jet is really great!

So, here they are, the most original, the most luxurious:

Airbus A380 – Still One of The Most Luxurious Private Jets?

Airbus A380 Private Jet

As of february 2020, the Airbus A380 is the most luxurious private jet in the world.

In 2007, Saudi Arabian Prince Alawaleed bin Talal ordered one, custom designed. The plane was ready for delivery in 2011. Estimates of the cost of the plane, including customizations, were $485 million.

The prince’s plane was supposed to have had a luxurious Turkish-style spa and a giant prayer room where the mats had to automatically orient themselves towards Mecca at the scheduled time.

But economic difficulties have blocked the Prince’s plans. The collapse of real estate in 2008 caused the prince to lose a lot of money, who was forced to resell the plane to the king of Saudi Arabia.

The price of new and used items But for those who are not in economic straits such as the Saudi prince, the list price for an A380 is currently 432.6 million dollars. There are also A380s on the market that are used in perfect condition, which are ideal for converting to a private jet. A used Airbus A380, at the end of the lease, is sold for about $ 100 million.

If you want to buy a leased A380, you “only” spend $2 million a month.

But, if you want to save money, with the same plane used in leasing, the installment drops to $ 800,000 a month.

The largest status symbol in the world But how much does it cost to keep the largest passenger plane in the world? To make it work, including crew, the A380 costs about $29,000 an hour. Of this amount, about $ 17,000 per hour is the cost of fuel.

Since this Superjumbo is distributed over two floors, there is plenty of space to install luxury suites and entertainment areas, including a swimming pool, a putting green and a handball court or tennis court!

Luxury Private Jets:  The Gulfstream G650 – One-Of-A-Kind!

Gulfstream G650 Private Jet

The $ 65 million Gulfstream G650 is totally unique in every sense.

It was primarily  designed for government officials and celebrities.

This very luxurious aircraft can rech extemely high speeds. But the most funny thing is that you can control lights, entertainment and even temperature with your smartphone whenever you want!

Luxury Private Jets: Embraer Legacy 500 – Great Interiors!

Embraer Legacy 500 Private Jet

This 20 million dollars private jet features a cabin covered in fine leather with floors covered with precious carpets and shiny stones.

Unconstrained luxury and refinement are the characteristics that make this model so unique!

Luxury Private Jets: Bombardier Global 7000

Bombardier Global 7000 Private Jet

The Bombardier Global 7000 has a price $70 million and it’s already sold out until 2021. But why is it so unique? 

It is the largest business jet ever made, with a rest area for the crew and four separate spaces, a lounge with a giant TV and internet connection.

Six people can sit at the dining table and the galley is well stocked.

This private jet has more space than many city apartments…

The windows are larger than normal to collect more natural light. The suite has a double bed and bathroom with shower. In total it can carry 19 passengers.

It flies directly between business centers, such as from New York to Mumbai, from Sydney to San Francisco.

Luxury Private Jets: The Embraer Lineage 1000E – A Flying Apartment…

Embraer Lineage 1000E Private Jet

The Embraer defines the Lineage 1000 as a ‘flying apartment’ and, with a cabin of around 70 square meters, it is easy to understand why.

The cabin is longer and narrower than the Airbus and has 5 separate areas designed for work, dining, entertainment and the night, easily accommodating up to 19 passengers.

Luggage is not a problem as the main cabin offers over 9 cubic meters of space and an additional trunk with external access offers over 3 cubic meters of additional volume.

The Lineage 1000 is not only extremely spacious, but it is also very comfortable as it is equipped with cutting-edge technology for detecting and attenuating the effect of turbulence, able to guarantee a smooth flight.

In addition, the two turbofan engines and the large tanks offer this VIP Airliner an autonomy of over 8,000 km, making it capable of easily carrying out transcontinental flights.

In light of all this, with the Lineage 1000 the Embraer has managed to create a top business jet for luxury travel, capable of offering exceptional operating performance in a spacious cabin.

Luxury Private Jets:  Cessna Citation Longitude

Cessna Citation Longitude Private Jet

This $26 million private jet can accommodate up to 12 passengers, its cabin is equipped with several options including a private compartment for personal luggage, an espresso coffee machine and a microwave.

The cabin is spacious, is furnished with comfortable armchairs and is equipped with 15 large portholes.

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