Pilatus PC-24 Review: See What Pilatus is Calling Its “Super Versatile Jet”

Pilatus PC-24
Pilatus PC-24

The company is sure of one thing about its Pilatus PC-24: the jet is unique. The company has taken the luxury and speed of a medium-light business jet and combined it with the versatility of a turboprop.

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The result is a fast, comfortable flight to practically anywhere thanks to the PC-24’s ability to land on and depart from unpaved runways, something that no other jet in the segment claims to do.

In the following video they explain why this aircraft is so special:

Pilatus PC-24 Overview

This executive aircraft would be ideal for businesses that operate in rural or even remote areas of the world and could really take advantage of the plane’s ability to land on unfinished runways.

The versatility is what makes the Pilatus PC-24 stand out. While it is on the more expensive side to operate, it has all the luxury and efficiency of other comparable jets. It would be a great choice for anyone looking for a business jet, but especially those who plan to make good use of its landing and takeoff capabilities.

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Pilatus PC-24 Range

The Pilatus PC-24 range comes in at around 2,000 nautical miles depending on the number of passengers, meaning that it will be capable of nonstop flights between most points in the United States.

The PC 24 Operating Cost

The cost to operate a PC-24 is higher than some other jets. The Aircraft Cost Calculator rates the jet at a combined fuel/maintenance cost per flight hour of $2,554.

However, owners may find that the versatile landing capability and large cabin capacity help offset these costs nicely.

Another Incredible Landing of the Pilatus PC-24 <

Pilatus PC-24 Interiors

The cabin offers plenty of flexibility options. Multiple configurations make room for as many as 11 passengers, not counting the pilot. All aesthetic elements and colors are fully customizable.

Pilatus highlights the PC-24’s extra-large windows and separate cargo door which offers enough space to load a whole pallet of freight or bulky items or simply bring along plenty of luggage.

Pilatus PC-24 Cockpit

The single-pilot-certified cockpit features Pilatus’s own touch-based avionics system.

The company prides itself on the extra safety and automation features of the system. It is sure to be a comfortable and efficient cockpit experience for the pilot.

Pilatus PC-24 Walkaround Tour – Video

Pilatus PC-24 Specs

  • Length: 55 ft 2 in
  • Wingspan: 55 ft 9 in
  • Height: 17 ft 4 in
  • Max number of passengers: 8
  • Max Cruising Speed: 440 ktas
  • Range: about 2000 nautical miles
  • Max. certified altitude 45,000 ft (13,716 m)

Pilatus PC-24 Review – 3 New Videos

Part 1: The Pilatus PC 24 Exterior

Part 2: The Pilatus PC 24 Cockpit

Part 3: The Pilatus PC 24 Interior

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