Private Business Jet – Think of the Great Advantages of Renting Your Private Jet

Private Business Jet

A private business jet is a must for many big companies.

If your business requires that you travel a lot, then you know how expensive flights, hotels, and car rental can be.

Even if your company is on one of those frequent flier programs, it takes a long time to gain enough travel points to make it worthwhile.

The Pros of Owning or Renting a Private Business Jet

Plus, you often have to worry about flight delays, layovers, and many other problems that can arise with commercial airline flights.

There are often long lines, delays because of security issues, and this can cost you if you have to be at a meeting, and end up being late.

One of the other problems that businesses face when using commercial airlines is that if you send someone on a business trip, even one that would normally be considered just a day trip, by the time they are all done for the day, your employee is too tired to make the trip back the same day, and ends up at a hotel at your expense.

In many cases, they get the first room, at the first hotel they can find, and this may be the more expensive room. Then there is dinner, and breakfast, as well as the time, lost because of having to fly back the next day.

Instead of dealing with all these hassles, why not just charter a private jet instead?

Private jets

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Private Business Jet Vs. Commercial Airline

On average, while you may consider them more expensive than commercial travel, considering all the delays and problems associated as mentioned above, it could save you not only hundreds, even thousands of dollars in expenses, but time lost as well.

You do have some security measures to have to contend with, as is expected, but you don’t have to worry about waiting for other people ahead of you.

A day trip can be just that. Instead of having delays, and layovers at airports, private jets offer direct flights to wherever you need to go, and can get you there much faster.

You are way more in control of the situation. If you know you need to travel somewhere for a business trip, all you have to do is give enough notice, usually twenty-four hours or less, and your private business jet is waiting for you when you get to the airport.

You don’t have to worry about buying a ticket, or really anything.

There are many other advantages of using a private business jet as well. In today’s world of people traveling, many people get on planes who are sick, and of course, you don’t know that until it is too late.

Private jets

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Private Business Jet Charter

By renting a private jet you will avoid expenses for board and lodging, necessary when you fly with airliners for which it is not possible to decide independently the times of return from ANY destination!

Who may need to rent a private business jet?

The first category that comes to mind is that of politicians and business executives who must move very quickly and urgent ly all over the world.

In these cases, the use of scheduled flights is absolutely out of the question.

The important characters of this type almost always need custom-made flights given the large amount of their commitments.

Villiers Jets is a site that offers careful planning of private flights that takes into account the customer’s needs. A specialized team puts itself at the service of the applicant as soon as the flight search form is completed.

You can immediately fill out the form to find the perfect flight for you by clicking here.

Heads of state, diplomats, CEOs, presidents of state or private companies turn to this company to find the flight that best suits their needs, efficiently and quickly.

Embraer Praetor 500The experience and speed in handling every request, even the most peculiar, is what sets Villiers Jets apart. Discretion and flexibility are two other fundamental characteristics of the service offered by this network

In the case of athletes, we must not forget the comfort of a private flight that lasts half the time of a scheduled flight. Not for the flight duration itself, but for waiting times at airports, security checks, passport controls, etc.

Athletes flying on a private plane will also have a greater chance of relaxing on board and arriving at the sporting event in good shape.

And all this, if you make the necessary calculations and if you organize the flights with care, at a price that does not differ too much from the cost of scheduled flights. And even it can come to cost less in certain cases!

Another group of people who can (must) take advantage of a business jet charter for business includes bankers, financiers, and traders.

These busy VIPs have to move almost every day between countries, or even between continents.

The delay of the flight, even of one hour, can mean the loss of millions for the company they represent or for themselves.

The meeting with important customers can take place very shortly after a phone call or a message, as well as the intervention and participation in important business meetings.

Last but not least we have the category of artists. Those who are successful in the art world need to fly very often, be they actors, musicians, rock bands, singers, etc.

With Villiers Jets, it is possible to book “on the fly” the most suitable flight for almost any destination in the world. In fact, the network offers 40,000 locations from which to start or get to a private plane.

Visit Villiers Jets Now to Book Your Flight in a While!

Private jets

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Private Business Jet Can Help You To Avoid Illness…

You can pick up many airborne illnesses and not even know it. Being sick can cause you or an employee to miss work, costing you time and money.

In some cases, you may have sensitive documents with you, and going through commercial airlines puts you at risk.

Let’s say you are planning a business meeting which requires more than one person to travel. If you charter a private business jet, you pay one price for all the people going, not having to pay for each person’s ticket.

You know exactly who is flying with you, and you aren’t surrounded by a bunch of strangers. These are just a few of the many advantages of hiring a private jet.


Traveling on a private business jet will save you time.

It is useful to make the comparison with a commercial flight: you must be at the airport only about thirty minutes before departure, instead of the two hours of the scheduled flight; document control and check-in are done quickly, in about ten minutes.

In addition, in five minutes the private flight takes off – for the commercial flight the average is twenty minutes from the plane’s closure – and the recovery of luggage once it reaches its destination takes only five minutes.

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Private jets

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