Private Jet Comparison: Praetor 600 vs Challenger 350 (Best Mid-size Jets Available?)


Private Jet Comparison

Here’s a private jet comparison between 2 of the best mid-size business jet on the market today.

If we had to choose between two already private ones such as the Embraer Praetor 600 and the Bombardier Challenger 350 we would probably be in trouble if we did not first investigate the characteristics of the 2 private jets that we are going to analyze here…
The Brazilian aircraft (the Embraer Praetor 600) is the more recent of the two, as it was placed on the market in 2019, while the first Challenger 350 entered service 6 years earlier, in 2013.

Private Jet Comparison: Maximum Range of the Challenger 350 and the Praetor 600

So let’s immediately consider the speed, altitude, and maximum range of these aircraft. The Embraer Praetor 600 has a better range than the Bombardier Challenger 350 as it manages to travel without refueling for 800 nautical miles more.
In short, it reaches over 4000 nautical miles (4018 to be exact) while, without having to stop, the Challenger 350 reaches a maximum distance of 3200…
This difference between the two jets is quite significant if we think that while the Challenger 350 can travel safely without refueling between New York and London in the Praetor 600, departing from New York, it can reach airports well beyond London, for example in Scandinavia…

The Maximum Cruising Speed

There are nearly twenty knots of difference between these 2 aircraft:
  • Maximum speed of the Praetor 600 = 466 knots
  • Maximum speed of the Challenger 350 = 448 knots

The size of the cabin

This is an important aspect to consider when renting or buying a private jet: obviously, a traveler, especially on long journeys, wants to stay in a spacious environment equipped with all comforts It must therefore be said in this case that the Challenger 350 cab is wider than that of the Praetor 600.
The difference is about 10 cm (2.08m for the Praetor 600 and 2.19m for the Challenger 350. The height is instead of one meter and 83 cm for both planes: this will allow most travelers to stand inside the aircraft.

Maximum number of passengers

This aspect is also probably of fundamental importance for those who are deciding which type of aircraft to choose.
In this case, the Praetor 600 has the upper hand with a “score” of 12 to 10. In fact, the Brazilian aircraft can carry 12 passengers against 10 for the Challenger 350.

Flight altitude and maximum cabin altitude

While both aircraft can travel at 45,000 feet altitude there is a substantial difference in cabin altitude whereby the Praetor 600 reaches 5800 feet while the Challenger 350 exceeds 7800 feet.
This difference is really important for many passengers, especially on long-haul flights. In favor of the Challenger 350, it must be said that the cabin is built in a splendid way from the point of view of materials and everything.
Rental cost The hourly rental price is quite high for the Praetor 600: that is, we arrive at the figure of around $8,000, while the Challenger is cheaper with a price of around $5,000 per hour.
Of course, these are only indicative prices because the cost of chartering private jets changes a lot both in time and in space, i.e. in the places where the plane is chartered

Purchase cost

Conversely, the costs of purchasing these aircraft are quite similar, i.e. we are talking about a figure that is around 17 or 18 million dollars…

Private Jet Comparison: Embraer Praetor 600 vs Bombardier Challenger 350 – Video

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