Private Jet Delta: The Private Jet Flight That Never Happened

What about the passenger who boasted to have flown alone on a private jet Delta?

His video on Twitter had gone around the world, with record-breaking views.

However the truth is that the adventure of the passenger who would have made a private jet flight never happened.

To deny it, as reported on the website, is the same airline, which has specified that the flight with one person on board has never taken off.

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As specified by the carrier, the passenger would have been boarded (as shown in the images posted by the customer himself) but then due to an aircraft maintenance problem the passenger would have been sent back to the gate.

The plane would then take off shortly after, but completely empty.

Private Jet Delta: The Private Jet Flight That Never Happened 1The author of the video, contacted by the newspaper, would have substantially confirmed the version of the carrier.

Specifying that, however, the images were authentic and that the experience of boarding an (almost) private jet Delta had been real.

The customer also specified that he had taken a ‘normal’ flight the following morning.

Here’s the video:

Private Jet Delta Video: Luxury Travel Connection

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