Private Jet Rental Cost: 4 Clever Ways To Save Time & Money

Private Jet Rental Cost: 4 Clever Ways To Save Time & Money 1

There are many things to take into consideration when determining the private jet rental cost.  The costs can be anywhere from $1800-$5000 per hour depending on the distance, how many passengers there are, and how many stops along the way.

There are other factors like weather, whether or not it is a simple flight or one that has food and other amenities.

Before your jaw drops to the floor though, you have to take into consideration that this is airtime, and many destinations are much shorter by charter jet because there are much fewer stops along the way, and a private jet can be much faster in the long run than a commercial airliner.

You should think of chartering a plane, despite the high private jet Rental cost

Why would you consider renting a private jet considering the cost of them?


1. Save Money & Time on Private Jet Rental Cost By Avoiding Accommodation & Meal Expenses

There are many different reasons why renting a jet is much better than a commercial flight, especially for businesses.  For example, let’s say you have a worker that needs to travel on business.  Even if this business trip is for a one-day meeting or even a few hours.

No matter what time of the day the meeting is, you will have to think that the person you are sending is going to be there at least two, maybe three days, depending on what time of the year they are traveling. They have to catch the flight the first day, because of the lines through security, and the waiting. So there is a whole day of valuable time wasted.

When they get there, they have to stay in a hotel overnight, so there are these costs. Then there are meals, dinner, breakfast, and maybe even snacks. The next morning they have to take a taxi to the meeting.

Let’s say that meeting lasts half the day in actual time, this doesn’t include showing up early or having to stay later to socialize for appearances, so then the rest of the day is wasted, renting another room, and meals, and then waiting the next morning in lines again before finally coming back.

9 times out of 10, unless the results of the meeting have to be done right away, the person isn’t going to go back to work until the next day. So not only have they drummed up expenses for two nights in a hotel, all the costs of meals, wasted time just waiting around, etc. but also loss of work time too. As you can see these things add up. Now let’s say you send this same person on a jet.

They fly there in the morning, take about an hour, do their meeting, then jump back on the jet, and come home, job done. No worry about all these other expenses, or time lost from work.

2. Booking “Empty Legs” Will Cut The Private Jet Rental Cost

Dash8-100 - Bombardier Dehavilland Dash 8-100 - DHC-8-100

There are even ways you can save money on renting a jet. One of them is finding flights to your destination that are what is called “empty legs.” This is where someone has flown one way, but not a return, and the jet needs to get back to its base. In some cases, you can save up to 75% on these flights.

3. Find Planes With Empty Seats to Save on Private Jet Rental Cost

Another way is to find ones that have passengers, but empty seats. They will give you a discount to fill the plane.

4. Save Money on Private Jet Rental Cost With Social Flights

There’s a service called Social Flights and is a social network for traveling, saving money, on private planes: you can buy a ticket with friends online.

“A service in the USA for frequent travelers: they meet to save money, thanks to the web”

Social Travel – Social Flights offers air travel to different points of the American territory, through small private companies. Air travel on a small charter or other private aircraft becomes economical, thanks to the collective flight purchase system.

Very comfortable – In America you can fly from morning to night and there are many small companies and small private planes. With a private jet, you avoid a lot of hassles: no queues at check-in, baggage belt, no security procedures, or lost suitcases. But the luxurious and intimate flight has a salty ticket.

Brilliant idea – for this Social Flights, which is a collective startup and a small charter broker, helps its members to book private, but affordable, planes: the subscribers organize themselves into groups, called Travel Tribes, where they are united by destination and coordinates of their trip, so they can book the flight with those who have to travel on the same route.

As in business class: “Private jet rental cost is expensive… but if I share an 8-passenger plane with 16 people, 8 traveling in one direction and 8 traveling in the other, then the cost to rent a jet drops substantially”

So says the manager of the Social Flights innovation, Daniel Robles – “The price travels to the levels of normal business classes.”

Costs and Numbers – The shortest flights can be around $ 150, full of passengers, but it depends on the destination…  Here’s a video about this interesting service that allow to significantly lower the cost to rent a jet:

Click Here to Check the Private Jet Rental Cost to 40,000 Destinations!

Villiers Jets

Learn more about the private jet rental cost

G5 Jet Rental Price & More

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