Private Jet Rental Perks: 13 Resourceful Ways to Cut Costs and Fly in Style

private jet rental pricing

Nowadays, chartering a private jet is no longer as expensive as it used to be. Compared to the past, private jet rental pricing can be much lower.

If you know how to search for it, you can pay a private flight the same price as a first-class flight or even less, when flying internationally.

In fact, we could go as far as to say that in some cases it could cost as much as a business class flight!

Our job on this page is to show you the tricks you need to fly privately at acceptable prices.

The cost of hiring a private jet depends on several variables:

  • The type of plane
  • The distance to travel
  • The period of the year
  • The route
  • The departure and arrival airports

To obtain affordable prices when renting a private plane, the following suggestions can be followed…

1. Flying with a Staff of Collaborators or Group of Friends

What will make the difference for the private jet rental pricing is the total number of passengers.

For a few of people, the first class is better, for 7-8 or more passengers the price is about the same but the private jet offers many other advantages.

Here is an example of the above: the rental of a 12-seater private jet on the New York-London route, round trip (search made on Villiers Jets):

New York - London - Private Jet Pricing

And in the screenshot below you can see the price of an individual first class ticket on the same route (search made on Expedia):

Private Jet Rental Perks: 13 Resourceful Ways to Cut Costs and Fly in Style 1

As you make the math, you can see that if you fly with a staff of 10+ collaborators or a group of 10+ friend/customers, you’ve already saved money by renting a private jet.

Challenger 606 Private Jet: $78,797

American Airlines First Class: $86,490

And if you check the price of the business class tickets, you need 12 people flying to save money, because the individual ticket from London to New York is around $7,250:

Challenger 606 Private Jet: $78,797

American Airlines Business Class: $86,988

Inside the United States, the cost of first-class is actually lower than that of international flights, so private jet rental pricing will probably be higher than the first class for the flight itself.

However, you can save money when you have to make multiple flights to reach your destination and pay for overnight stays, etc.

The average cost with a private jet for a short domestic flight starts from $4000 for a 1 hour of travel with a turboprop aircraft (King Air 90, Pilatus PC-12, King Air 350)

To travel in groups of numbers you must also know the right plane that suits the group or better that has the best ratio between the number of passengers and the price.

Of course, a plane with three or four passengers will cost more than a plane that has 7-8 seats. We must also calculate, in this case, how convenient the planes are, also based on the distance to travel.

On short distances, light jets are obviously better, but you have to choose those that can also carry 9 passengers on board. Here we talk about destinations about 1500 km from the departure.

Examples of this private jet rental pricing for 1-hour flights from New York to Boston:

New York Boston turboprop

On longer distances, the best private planes that allow you to save on the overall cost are those of medium size. This is because they can make the whole trip without stopping. Also, in this case, those that allow bringing the largest number of passengers on board should be chosen.

Examples of this type of aircraft and costs for a flight from Miami to Denver:

Miami Denver private flight

A flight of about the same duration in Europe (London-Athens) will cost much less:

London Athens private jet rental

For just a few travelers first-class commercial is a better price point option.

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2. Empty legs Flights = Saving on Private Jet Rental Pricing

An excellent way to travel privately at affordable prices is to book empty legs flights which you can find by clicking here and visiting the Empty Legs Page at Villiers Jets.

What exactly are empty legs flights? These are the return flights that a private plane must make from the destination where it has already brought passengers.

For example, a customer could rent a New York – Miami flight for $10,000. At the end of the rental, the company would have the plane parked in Boston and it would not be easy to find an interested passenger in Miami – New York.

In order not to make the return flight for free, the company sells that flight at a much lower price than the real cost. In this case, you can get a discount from 25% to 75%.

This means that you could get a private jet rental pricing for the mentioned New York – Miami flight for as low as $2500!

It is important to have a provider available to find empty legs flights immediately and book them immediately. You can quickly find available empty legs flights at Villiers Jets by clicking here.

Private Jet Rental Perks: 13 Resourceful Ways to Cut Costs and Fly in Style 2

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3. Book Return Flights for a Discount on Private Jet Rental Pricing

It should be remembered that the airline that hires flights does not have offices in all airports and therefore must report the planes that are hired by customers to the base.

Especially if the flight was made on small secondary airports.

This cost will therefore be charged to those who rent the plane and will be quite substantial. By booking a round trip, the airline will not have costs of repositioning the aircraft and can therefore offer you a better private jet rental pricing.

For a return flight from Miami to Denver you will pay a little more than for the one way flight:

Miami Denver private flight - return

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4. Choose Local Operators for Better Private Jet Rental Pricing

As explained in the previous point, a local operator will save a lot on repositioning costs and therefore will have better rates. For example, if you have to leave Los Angeles you have to make sure to find a private jet company that has its headquarters near you.

This is easier if you rely on a provider that manages a high number of planes like Villiers Jets (more than 10 thousand available flights). In the case of the example, the most used airport in LA is Van Nuys, where you can easily find available flights.

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5. Choose the Right Aircraft for Better Private Jet Rental Pricing

To get the best overall rental price you need to choose the jet that offers you the best ratio between the number of passengers and the total jet rental price.

In this case, it helps a lot to know the various types of private planes in existence.

Click here to visit a page on this site where you will find an explanation of the various types of private planes available and their average cost per hour.

To get an overall idea of ​​the prices, keep in mind that a large long-range jet costs about $ 12,000 per hour, while the hourly rate of a light jet is “only” $ 2500-3,000.

And even a light jet can carry quite a large number of passengers.

Planes of this type to keep in mind are the Pilatus PC-12 and the King Air 350i. Both of these aircraft can accommodate up to 9 passengers on board.

Making the necessary calculations, flying with 9 passengers on board from New York to Boston would cost, with a light jet of this type, less than $ 300 per person (2500 divided by 9).

With regard to small planes, the idea that they are not comfortable must also be refuted. This fact, in reality, does not depend so much on the type of aircraft, but on the weather conditions.

The convenience of the type of plane to rent changes naturally if I have to travel large distances and maybe make an intercontinental flight. In this case, it does not make sense to rent a light jet because it should make several stops.

The costs would therefore increase a lot, both for the airport tariffs to be paid and for the expenses calculated for take-off and landing (fuel and wear of the aircraft).

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Bonus: List of Aircraft Types to Choose with Knowledge

It would make no sense, as said above, to book a heavy jet to take a trip that you could do with a medium-sized plane (unless you want to prove something to someone….)

Private Jet Rental Pricing Per Hour – The Table

Private Jet Type Aircrafts Types Examples Number of Passengers Rental Pricing US$/hr. Range (NMI)
Turboprop Pilatus PC12
Piper M600
Quest Kodiak
6-8 $1,200 – $1,800 1,000 – 1,500
Very Light Jet Phenom 100
Eclipse 500
Citation Mustang
4-5 $1,500 – $2,250 1,000 – 2,000
Light Jet Hawker 400XP
Cessna Citation CJ4 Dassault Falcon 10
6-8 $2,200 – $3,000 2,100 – 2,300
Midsize Jet Learjet 45 & 60
Gulfstream G150
Hawker 800XP
Embraer Legacy 500
7-9 $2,800 – $3,800 2,200 – 3,500
Supermidsize Jet Citation Sovereign
Learjet 35
Learjet 60XR
8-10 $3,800 – $5,000 3,500 – 7,800
Heavy Jet Gulfstream G-IV
Gulfstream G550
Challenger 605
10-16 $5,000 – $12,000 3,500 – 7,800

The cost of the rental is also influenced by the speed, the number of seats, and other variables.

Below you can fill the form and find the private jet available and their rental price:

6. Search on the right sites that offer attractive prices

There are various sites for private jets that are the equivalent of what Skyscanner or Kayak is for commercial flights. The choice is very wide but one of the best, in our opinion, is Villiers Jets because it offers those looking for the choice between 10,000 private planes and 40,000 locations around the world.

Searching on this site will obviously be easier to find a good price than looking for a site that has only 4,000 planes available and a limited number of airports.

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7. Change the Rental Company to Get Better Private Jet Rental Pricing

In a private jet charter, loyalty doesn’t always pay. Loyalty, it is true, can mean comfort and a relationship with a trusted broker who will try to best meet your needs.

But if your goal is to fly privately at the lowest possible price, it may be that your trusted broker cannot really meet this need, because it does not have control of all the private planes available on the market and will only offer you some planes, maybe the most expensive, on the route you have chosen.

In this sense, making use of a broker like Villiers Jets for the high number of aircraft and airports it controls.

8. By choosing secondary (less expensive) airports

Of course, taking off or landing in a busy and famous airport will cost more than doing it in a small secondary airport.

The chartering company will have much lower airport charges in the second case. For this purpose, it will also help the choice of a plane that can land even in less important airports.

Some private airports widely used in the United States where airport costs will be lower than in the main airports are the following:

  • Teterboro airport, New York
  • Van Nuys Airport, La
  • Mccarran International Airport, Las Vegas
  • Westchester County Airport, New York.
  • William P Hobby Airport, Houston.
  • Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, Fort Lauderdale.
  • Centennial Airport, Denver.
  • Dallas Love Field, Airport Dallas.
  • Chicago Midway Airport, Chigaco
  • Dulles International Airport, Washington DC

There are as many as 4,000 private airports in the United States. Some are large airports with various runways, others are landing fields more than airports far from the most important centers.

In reality, these small airports are your true friends because in many cases they will allow you to get a spit from your final destination.

If your headquarters is in a big city and you need to reach a distant branch, you will have to travel long distances by land to reach your destination.

In the most important cities, there is a wide choice of airports for private jets that will probably be very close to you. For example, London has 14 private airports, New York has 11.

A simple example that can be done is that of 2 New York airports such as JFK and Teterboro: leaving (or arriving) in the second, you will most likely save an amount that can even reach $ 3,000.

One of the keys to saving on the cost of private flights is small regional and provincial airports. Knowing what they are exactly is important and you can try different departure and arrival airports at Villiers Jets.

Among other things, by choosing a secondary airport, in many cases, you will also save on ground transportation costs, as you can arrive by plane very close to your final destination.

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9. Private Jet Rental Pricing Choose the right dates

Clearly, as in the case of commercial flights, the choice of date will affect the cost of the flight, but the good news is that with the right choice in the high season you could save money by renting a private plane.

In this case, the possibility of saving offered by empty legs flights should be reiterated.

If you do not have an urgent need to leave, you can find empty legs flights that depart sometime after the time you have chosen.

Click here to see the empty legs in real-time on the Villiers Jet website.

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10. Get Better Jet Rental Pricing By choosing older planes

Older planes are as safe as new ones and will get you to your desired destination without any problems. True, you will have to give up some of the conveniences and pleasures present on newer planes, but you will save a good deal on the rental.

11. Business Men & Private Jet Rental Pricing

Business travelers know very well that time is money, and what money! A manager who has to visit three or four branches of his company to check production, staff, etc. would have probably to book 6 or more commercial flights.

This would entail having to commit 3 or 4 days of travel which also includes, in addition to the cost of tickets, the various overnight stays, meals, ground transfers, etc.

Imagine then if this manager should bring two or three collaborators with him.

Costs should be further multiplied by the number of passengers.

With a private plane, you can do all this in a single day, dedicating an hour or two to a visit and managing to return to the headquarter in the evening.

And with the private jet rental pricing

many extra costs are eliminated!

It should be borne in mind that renting a private plane eliminates all the downtimes that a trip with commercial planes entails.

For example, you need to be at the airport at least an hour and a half before the flight or even more in the case of intercontinental flights.

Besides, more time will be wasted for check-ins, security checks, queue for passport control, baggage claim, and also any flight delays. Not to mention the risk of seeing canceled flights. Covid 19 teaches.

With a private plane instead, you just have to get to the airport and leave, it will only take 10 – 20 minutes of waiting, time to stop.

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12. Private Jet Cards & All You Can Fly Offers

If you are part of the people who fly frequently, a very interesting option is the purchase of a Private Jet card.

This is an offer that private flight companies make to their customers.

They have two great advantages:

– The price

– The ability to quickly organize the flight

Of course with this type of card there are no seasonal price changes and when you want to fly you don’t even have to waste time asking for a quote, just tell the airline that you have to leave (All you can fly!)

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13. Jet sharing & Private Jet Rental Pricing

Another interesting way to save on private jet rental pricing is that of Jet Sharing.

This type of offer is also called seat sharing, i.e. renting a seat on a private flight.

One more term used to indicate this rental system is the shuttle flight option. In practice, a person can buy a regular seat on a predetermined route.

For example, a businessman who flies daily between New York and Boston could choose this option and have a private flight at significantly reduced prices.

Of course, this system could have disadvantages. One of these is that of having to pay in advance for the “season ticket”.

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