Private Jet VS. Airliner – What’s a Better Choice and Why

Private Jet VS Airliner

Normally, companies and business men choose to fly on a private jet for one main reason: time.

For this exact reason, business jets are often called “time machines”. because they allow business people to conduct work efficiently and shorten travel to and from meetings.

Private Planes Vs. Airliners

Private planes create more time for travelers, 360 degree privacy, flexibility in take-off times and more.

In addition, a private jet allows you to speed up the check-in, security checks, baggage claim and customs clearance phases.

Whether it’s a business trip or a vacation, renting an aircraft allows you to maximize your time at your destination and reduce the number of travel hours.

On the other hand, even if the first class is a luxurious way of traveling,  it means having to cope with a crowded airport, endless queues at security checks, and all the other inconveniences of commercial flights…

Moreover and above all it does not allow you to choose the time or day of departure…

……Which brings us back to the main problem:

What factors determine whether it is better to fly in first class or to charter a private jet?

The price? It depends.

What is certain is that a private jet is more expensive than a first-class seat. With that said, there is more to talk about in terms of price history.

On a commercial plane, you rent a seat. If you want to bring someone with you, rent two seats and pay double the cost.

If you want to bring 3 more people on your trip to London (the first class ticket from New York to London costs on average around $3,500/4000 per person), you pay $10,000.

On private jets, rent the plane. If you have one person or eight, the cost is always the same.

You and your seven companions will have many hours of private jet experience.

And suppose you have the opportunity to enjoy an empty leg on a private plane (a flight made without passengers on board, to place the plane and crew at a specific airport for the next flight): this means that you can take a flight from X to Y for a small fraction of the price.

Only one thing is sure:


When traveling by commercial flight the passenger has to look for the available flight options and find a day and time that suits him (if they are available at his convenience).

When renting a private jet you only need to contact the private jets company and inform not only the date and time you would like but also the type of aircraft you would like to fly into.

Being an international flight, passengers must arrive at the airport at least two hours before on commercial flights and it must be taken into account that many times flights can be delayed for considerable periods of time.

When renting the private jet you will leave almost immediately: you only arrive at the private airport, get out of the car and board the plane that will be ready to take off without any waiting time.

In the commercial trip in many airplanes it is too hot or too cold, the other passengers talk a lot or there are several babies crying at the same time, in addition you have to stand in line to get in and out of the aircraft.

On a private flight there is only the client with his family and relatives with all the exclusive aircraft for them and the aircraft in the best conditions and with quality food, in addition the process of entering and leaving the aircraft and private airports is extremely Quick.

Honda Private Jet Elite
Honda Private Jet Elite

Benefits of Private Flights

However the benefits of private flights depend on the circumstances. Indeed, it would not be correct to say whether it is better to hire a private plane or to fly on an airliner.

These are the two somewhat different ways of flying.  Here are the advantages of renting a private jet or propeller plane:

You Save A Lot Of Time By Renting A Private Jet

Commercial airports require long lines and extensive security measures for a much larger group of people. This process is time consuming and burdensome for travelers.

Small regional airports, on the other hand, serve smaller groups of people throughout the day, are more conveniently located across the country, and provide more centralized access to smaller places where you do business.

If you have to go for example from Albany to Buffalo, the presence of regional airports in these two cities makes your trip at least twice as short with a private plane than if you had to travel by airliners and cars to reach the major Airports.

An airliner can lose up to 30 minutes on the take-off runway until it is cleared, while a private aircraft takes off and lands immediately on a secondary runway.

Not counting the hours lost on departure and arrival for boarding and baggage claim, while a private plane takes off about ten minutes after your arrival at the airport.

Private aircraft leasing may be more economically profitable

Renting a private jet costs, per person, almost as much as a first class ticket on an airliner. If you rent a propeller plane, it can cost less.

It all boils down to:

    • the number of people flying with you

    • the hourly or daily cost of their trips: saving three or four hours of work for a dozen high-level employees may want much more than the difference between the price of the private flight and that of tickets on the airliner, even in second class.

    • the amount of work that can be done on a private plane, when it’s almost impossible to work on an airliner.

    • geolocation of departure and destination airports, since there are more than 3,000 regional airports for private aircraft in Europe compared to just over 300 airports for airliners.

Children, pets and cigarettes are free on private planes

You can bring your dog on a private jet, or another animal. Your children will be free to move, play and relax.  Some private plane owners will even allow you to smoke.

You will have much more “Baggage Freedom”

Not only with a private plane, you will be able to carry heavier and more numerous luggage than on the line number.  You could also carry a bicycle, a motorbike, various and varied tools which it would be impossible to transport on an airliner.

With a scheduled flight, it is not uncommon for your luggage to be lost or even stolen, which almost never happens with a private flight.

Safety is better guaranteed on private aircraft

Kidnappings and acts of terrorism, which are almost impossible on private jetss.

Leisure and food are more pleasant on private planes

Not only will you have a lot more choice in terms of food and fish, but there are also tablets, movie screens, board games, stereo systems and entertainment on private planes, than you won’t find on airliners.

There’s more social life on a private jet

If you are traveling with your group, it will be much easier to have pleasant conversations in the comfortable living rooms of private planes, where you can hope to change conversation, work or game partners.

On private planes, if you travel with strangers, you can know more people than on an airliner, where you are limited to your seat neighbor. 

And what about something romantic too…

Some Helpful Tips For Flying With Pets

If using a travel carrier for the first time, give your pet at least a month prior to your flight to become familiar with the carrier to minimize his or her stress during travel.


• Talk with your veterinarian about prescription tranquilizers if you are considering sedating your pet during travel. Make sure to specify it is for air travel.

• Bring along a confirmation of your pets immunization (to verify a clean bill of health).

Private Jet or Commercial Flight: Melbourne to Sydney


Renting a Private Jet versus Flying on a Commercial Airline

Despite the fact that most jet chartering companies are relatively small and unheard of, at least when compared to most commercial airlines, you shouldn’t let that stop you from chartering a private jet.

As it was previously mentioned, there are an unlimited number of benefits to chartering a private jet, including privacy.

For that reason, if you are really interested in chartering a private jet, you will just want to do a little bit of research first.

Researching private jet chartering companies, by performing a standard internet search, should help you familiarize yourself with a particular company, its track record, and how it operates.

After doing so, you may feel a little bit more secure chartering a private jet.

When it all comes down to it, the decision as to whether or not you want to charter a private jet is yours to make, but that decision is not one that shouldn’t be made on a whim.

You will want to take time to examine all of your options and when doing so, it is advised that you keep the above mentioned points in mind.

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