Shared Flights: How to Find Private Jet Sharing Hands Down (2 Methods) – Quickly & Easily!

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Shared flights are a pretty new way to enjoy the advantages of flying privately at a fraction of its normal price.We wanted to draw your attention to a great new service, allowing you to list the details of any planned upcoming trip as a ‘Shared Flight’ on the Villiers website.

Listing a shared flight allows yourself and others who may be looking at similar routes the opportunity to get in touch and share flight costs, bringing these down significantly by offering out any unused capacity. In short, you can list a new shared flight request here, or visit the website to see all currently available shared flights.

Private Jet Sharing – Check All Available Shared Flights

To quickly find all the shared flights at Villiers Jet, just click here. Alternatively, you can get to the same list from the Villiers Jet Home page:

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Click on “Shared Flights” to check all the flights available now.

Pros & Cons of Private Jet Sharing

The world of private flights has changed a lot in these Internet years: nowadays it is possible to fly on private jets at competitive prices, sometimes the same as commercial flights.

By taking the car-sharing as a model, the flight-sharing service has been born, with the following advantages (for the customer and for the community): Obviously, for the user, the main advantage of a shared flight is the cost.

For the community, the advantage is the avoidance of an excessive environmental impact.  A shared flight could imply that instead of 8 planes there will be only one if 8 different business flights will be shared between 8 passengers. Another interesting advantage for the customer is the possibility of arriving in cities and areas where there are connections with commercial flights.

The main disadvantage of shared flights is the fact that there are significant fixed costs for the flight. So, if the number of expected passengers has not been reached, the flight may be canceled

For example, if a flight has sold only four of the eight seats available, the cost will be too high, and possibly the four passengers already enrolled would no longer want to fly at that price.

Check All Shared Flights at Villiers Jets!

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Private Jet Share Cost – Examples

The following table will give you an idea of the private jet share cost (flights still available at 2021/01/05):

Manchester Palma De Mallorca Mid-April From £1,850 GBP
Manchester Palma De Mallorca Mid-April From £1,850 GBP
London New York Late April From $7,000 USD
London Las Vegas Mid-September From $11,550 USD
Fort Lauderdale Atlanta Mid-January From $860 USD
Vancouver Amsterdam August or September From $11,690 USD
Las Palmas Mönchengladbach Mid-January From $20,650 USD
Ottawa Fort Lauderdale Late January From $2,185 USD
Los Angeles Islip Mid May From $5,450 USD
London Montreal Late May From $7,000 USD
London Malaga May or June From €1,985 EUR
Orlando Calgary Late June From $4,785 USD
Los Angeles Fort Lauderdale Late March From $5,650 USD
Malta Geneva Mid-March From €1,535 EUR
Kuala Lumpur Hong Kong Late January From $5,900 USD
Split Vigo Mid-February From £2,320 GBP
Minneapolis Belize City August or September From $3,655 USD
Dubai Shanghai Early March From $11,950 USD
Eindhoven Alicante Early February From £1,960 GBP
Zurich Athens Late July From $2,650 USD
Glasgow London Mid-January From £1,040 GBP
Stockholm Guadalajara Mid-February From $14,120 USD
New York Albuquerque Early March From $3,875 USD
London Cairo Mid-February From $5,205 USD
Paris Innsbruck Late February From €1,585 EUR
Manchester Gibraltar Late April From £2,250 GBP
London Jamestown Early February From $8,000 USD

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Private Jet Sharing – List Your Shared Flights Request

For listing new shared flights just click here – this link will open a form where you can input all the information about the flight you’d like to share.